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Safety Measures For Your Heat Pump’s Maintenance

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The Need for Heat Pump

Heat pumps offer an alternative solution to air conditioners and furnaces. They do not generate heat; rather they spread heat from one area of your house to another and they produce more energy than they consume- up to four times more. Vigilant and regular maintainance of these equipment is a sure guarantee to their owners of durable reliable services. Heat pumps are more efficient in relation to energy consumption. They generate 3 kilowatts of heat per every 1 kilowatt of electricity consumed. Regular electric heaters yield 1 for 1, clearly showing how these pumps will save you energy and extra dollars. Heat pumps also are safe to use since they use electricity and not fuel, giving users reason not to worry of carbon monoxide poisoning or fuel leaks inside the house.

Pompano Beach Heat Pump Maintenance

Proper maintenance of a heat pump ensures that the pump functions efficiently. The major continuous maintenance that a heat pump requires is to clean its indoor air filters. Cleaning your heat pump ensures that the performance of the pump is optimal. It is very important to ensure that the heat pump filters located on the upper front of your pump are cleaned regularly- at least once every month. Dirty fans, filters and coils hinder the airflow of the system, thus the necessity of properly maintaining the heat pump. Any bent fins located on the supply and return registers should be cleaned and straightened. It is always essential that the heat pump is turned off before the cleaning of the filters commence. The filters are washed under a running tap. Drying is done by pressing them between two towels before being replaced. The outdoor unit of the heat pump can be treated just as you treat your car- you can hose it down regularly. A heat pump free of debris, especially on its rear side, will greatly enhance its performance.

It is essential that the pump is not overworked. Do not keep the pump running for 24 hours. The timer should be used to help you avoid heating or cooling an area for far too long than required. The heat pump’s thermostat should not be set back if it results in the coming on of the backup heating. Generally, backup systems are expensive to run. According to the U.S Department of Energy’s information regarding the operation and maintenance of a heat pump, if you constantly run the indoor fan, it can disrupt the performance of the heat pump unless highly efficient motor fan is used. It is therefore necessary to use the auto fan setting on the thermostat of your pump system.

Ensure that your heat pump is serviced by qualified technicians at least once every year. The Pompanobeach air conditioning technicians can check the ducts, indoor coil, filter and bowler if there be any dirt and debris that might be clogging the pump. The technicians can carry out other checks and operations including sealing of leaking ducts, lubricating the motor, inspection of electric terminals and ensuring that the thermostat is functioning properly. Any vegetation and clutter surrounding the outdoor unit should be cleared and removed.